Wednesday, 16 March 2011

To's & Fro's

I seem to have been non-stop busy recently. I can't actually state why as I seem to be at a dead end with our new project and I can't say I have done much this week apart from wondering around town window shopping.

1) Anyway, I am a styling student, and that's where I want to pursue my career, but this project is much more of a challenge for me. It's make up based and we have to create a new ad campaign for Illamasqua. It's exciting, don't get me wrong, but I just have no inspiration.
I find inspiration absolutely everywhere usually, and I find ideas just pop into my head. But with this project, it just is not happening.
I think I have been looking too hard.
Well, that's a lie. I have looked at many things from Bohemian style to the Ballet Russe & 'beauty'. Textures, people, the list could still go on. I just can't interpret these into purely a make up look. Clothing with make up & hair to enhance a look is no problem, but a make up based ad. The near impossible.
Anyway, I'll keep going & I expect an idea will just come to me. Never know I could decide to change my career aspirations to a make up artist. I joke. If I do ever decide on a theme, I'll be sure to upload some pictures. Until then I'm going to try to concentrate on how I would create an outfit and then go onto the make up. Maybe, hopefully, a new angle of thinking will help. Enough about that said.

2) More work. I had to choose between dissertation and practise or just a dissertation to do next year. I have finally decided, I think, (as you can see I'm a bit indecisive at the moment), I will do the standard dissertation. I figured I would need a higher word count to really develop my text. I can always do a mini project of my own to create some images.

3) A lack of picture taking. Usually I am always taking pictures of something, or messing around on my camera. I have just come to the realisation that I haven't done this for a while. Time to get the camera out! I will apologise now for the non-existent images in this post. I hate having nothing pretty to look at aswel.

4) During my 'window shopping' trip to town, I stumbled upon a charity shop just up the road from my house that I never knew existed. I found a lovely green blouse for £5 which I will upload a picture of very soon. Bargain.

5) I am very excited to go home this weekend, sad as it may be, but we have finally got a new bathroom & I can't wait to see it. There most probably won't be an image of this as I don't think anyone else in the world is interested in my new bathroom apart from me.

6) I have been trying to eat healthily during the week. This may sounds silly as on the weekend I am allowing myself to eat anything and everything, but I feel my chocolate and pudding addiction is becoming out of control. Last week went well, but this week I think I have consumed twice as much crap as I usually would have done. Fail. Time for a healthier me to prove to myself I do have some will power!

7) Saw 'Hall Pass' the other day. I recommend it if you just want a light-hearted comedy.

8) Thinking about the summer. I actually don't feel like the Uni holiday's are actually a holiday. I much more enjoy doing my course & something I love. Time to get more work experience & create some mini-projects of my own this year I think.

9) And finally I go to Prague in less than a month :). Can't tell you how excited I am. My lovely boyfriend (Pete) & my parents bought me and him a trip there for 3 days. Très excitée!

10) I had to add something else to make an even number. I will use this to apologise again for the non-pictures & actually for the post. I never usually write about myself, unless expressing my opinion etc, but as you have probably gathered, I have hit a minor creative-block. When it's passed there will be something more interesting to read, I promise.

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