Monday, 28 February 2011

The debate we've all had. Summer or Fall?

So, I was having a chat with one of my friends about the best season. I said Fall, she said Summer. Every season I am so much more excited about winter clothes, all the layers, textures, FUR! But summer just seems to lack something for me. I think it is the fact there is not so much leeway too experiment with. Winter you can layer, miss-match, dress ultimately in grey scale if you just feel like it, and wear expensive coats. Summer lacks so much of those choices. Yes, you can wear lightweight fabrics and can convince yourself that 'less is more,' but really for me it's just boring.
Having said that, winter has dragged on for wayy too long, and the trends we were so excited about, now just make me want to scream, and to make it all worse, spring still seems decades away.
But this summer, all I can say is I want to hibernate. I am slightly worried and tbh not excited for the approaching season's trends. Androgyny, 70s (shivers down the spine), neon, long skirts, and as Hilary Rose stated, "Witty prints. Witty is fashion's way of saying, 'We know this is hideous but we had to brighten up the catwalk show." This is a statement I could not agree with more. It also made me LOL. Prints are starting, slowly, to grow on me but I can't say I love them enough to pour money over.
Well, on the bright side of these not-so-warming predictions, at least here in England we have the comfort of knowing that we don't actually have a summer anyway. Every summer I purchase all these new clothes, and are forced to cover them up with January's coat. Maybe we could all just live 6 months behind until next winter comes around. Brilliant....

BUT there is one thing we can look forward to, and probably the only advantage of this season towards style... Rainbow hair. We have seen it emerging, and I think we are all picturing the SAME colour. Red. This is kind of getting boring now. EVERYONE that is 'brave enough' (apparently), has died their hair red. Sorry, but it is just the same old now. Hopefully for the approaching season we shall start seeing a more creative hair-colour palette.

Well, until everyone has done it that is.

I'm sticking with my preference. Fall.

I do expect I shall change my mind soon enough. Too indecisive.

*Apologies for the flash glare*

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Blog Re-fresh

Okay, so I haven't really been keeping up with the whole 'blogging thing' and I generally haven't blogged about myself in the past. I don't think people care... BUT! after thinking, the majority of our lives, now, revolve around social networking sights, Facebook, Twitter etcetera, and what are these about? Ourselves. People nowadays, not that it's necessarily a bad thing may I just add, are so interested by what other people are doing & thinking. So why not?! I have decided to start blogging about what I like, what I do and what I think. Don’t get me wrong, I am not planning a blog containing my life story, what I mean is I will not refrain from posting things, that I guess just excite me. Maybe this will help with the writer’s block after a busy day.
So anyway, I decided maybe I would give my blog a new look. I have been pondering upon it for a while now and I just can't decide if I like the 'plain, bog standard layout or not (obviously most think it is boring), however, I think I do, but, since what I enjoy is styling, maybe it would make sense to put some style to my blog. Not promising anything but I will guarantee a header picture at the least. (This is another thing I have been thinking about for months and never got round to doing.)

There's a bit of insight for you to what I am thinking. Whether it will happen or not is another thing (whilst I am being honest).I will still be posting some of my random findings though, which do happen to be more for my benefit rather than anyone else.
Well there's a good start & it turns out that was easier than wondering about who/what to write about. (:

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ten things


1) Jennifer Aniston's new hair! (Although there will never be a day that I follow)
2) Martin Parr
3) Good ol' Michael (McIntyre is the type I speak of,never fails to brighten my day)
4) Colour coding with pens :/. Silly, maybe. Effective, incredibly.
5) Glitter polish, although I DO NOT love the long strain of taking it off. Maybe I just never should?.
6) Green. I just can't get enough
7) My slippers... not green though may I add
8) Cracked effect nail varnish...Maybe I just like 'nail painting' right now
9) Cream in coffee
10)Textures... Seems to be an increasing obsession. Strange. Maybe I should specify. Velvet?.