Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ten things


1) Jennifer Aniston's new hair! (Although there will never be a day that I follow)
2) Martin Parr
3) Good ol' Michael (McIntyre is the type I speak of,never fails to brighten my day)
4) Colour coding with pens :/. Silly, maybe. Effective, incredibly.
5) Glitter polish, although I DO NOT love the long strain of taking it off. Maybe I just never should?.
6) Green. I just can't get enough
7) My slippers... not green though may I add
8) Cracked effect nail varnish...Maybe I just like 'nail painting' right now
9) Cream in coffee
10)Textures... Seems to be an increasing obsession. Strange. Maybe I should specify. Velvet?.

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