Saturday, 29 May 2010

New Ideas

So my laptop has broken because someone thought it would be a nice idea to give me spyware an get all my information off my computer, not cool :(, hence why I have not been on here AT ALL!
But I have managed to get a new job :), and finally finish the LAST Twilight book :D. I am a bit sad now though, its kind of like a part of my life has ended.
I also watched the Bucket List quite recently and it made me decide to make one myself. Some things I want on it so far:

- Ride an elephant
- Believe in something
- Live in Paris (for a while)
- Live in New York (for a while)
- Do something I'm scared of (Ride a horse along the beach)
- Sleep under the stars
- Really help someone
- Learn what really goes on in my head & control it
- Survive an accident I shouldn't [So to learn from] (DONE)
- Live a dream
- Sleep in a den
- Inspire someone
- Try something different
- Gain enlightenment

I haven't finished it yet, and probably this isn't even the beggining, but by crossing everything off my list before I die, I think you then would believe and you would gain enlightenment. Just some things I have been thinking about recently.
I dont usually do posts like this but since I dont have my own computer I dont have any pictures to upload at the moment. There we go, I have tried something different already (:

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Try to remember

Smile like a child,
work like you need the money,
dance like no-ones watching,
laugh like you dont care,
sing like no-one can hear you
& love like you've never been hurt.


It may sound stupid, but I would quite love to practise Buddhism.

- Means of changing onself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom.

- Life as a process of constant change- One can change for the better.

- The root of our difficulties is from within the mind.

- We cannot change the things that happen to us, but we can change our responses.

"All living beings have actions (Karma) as their own, their inheritance, their congenital cause, their kinsman, their refuge. It is Karma that differentiates beings into low and high states." Buddha

- When we die, we are reincarnated & we go up or down a status depending on how we lived our previous life.

Friday, 14 May 2010

I just want to Dance again

" I dance when I'm sad,
I dance when I'm happy,
I dance to forget,
I dance to enjoy,
I dance to smile,
I dance to cry,
I dance because thats me."

"I'd Love to be a Fairy's Child" - Lookbook

Children born of fairy stock

Never need for shirt or frock,

Never want for food or fire,

Always get their hearts desire:

Jingle pockets full of gold,

Marry when they're seven years old.

Every fairy child may keep

Two ponies and ten sheep;

All have houses, each his own,

Built of brick or granite stone;

They live on cherries, they run wild--

I'd love to be a Fairy's child.


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Reetone... I want some

Seriously could their ad campaigns get any better?!

Alexandro Palombo

I really love these

Illustrations by Alexandro Palombo with the likes of Anna Wintour & Grace Coddington on the toilet.

Apparently this is also what he thinks they would like to be reading about.

Bizarre, but kind of creative


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Maybe one day I could float away and hideout with the fairys. I want to live somewhere like these;
build a den,
ride a bike,
drink tea
& dream many dreams.

Sculpture Shoot-One:

My first shoot for "Love" magazine <3

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Okay, so Lady Gaga called her 'Jesus' & Grace calls her a 'copycat'...

Style stealer?


... but then if they are playing that game, Bowie could join in too!

-Anyway, I think I disagree. I thought we looked at others style as an inspiration for our own, just like everything else. But maybe Gaga is taking too much of the credit... I havn't decided yet. I do, though think it is a shame that someone cannot enjoy their style...