Saturday, 29 May 2010

New Ideas

So my laptop has broken because someone thought it would be a nice idea to give me spyware an get all my information off my computer, not cool :(, hence why I have not been on here AT ALL!
But I have managed to get a new job :), and finally finish the LAST Twilight book :D. I am a bit sad now though, its kind of like a part of my life has ended.
I also watched the Bucket List quite recently and it made me decide to make one myself. Some things I want on it so far:

- Ride an elephant
- Believe in something
- Live in Paris (for a while)
- Live in New York (for a while)
- Do something I'm scared of (Ride a horse along the beach)
- Sleep under the stars
- Really help someone
- Learn what really goes on in my head & control it
- Survive an accident I shouldn't [So to learn from] (DONE)
- Live a dream
- Sleep in a den
- Inspire someone
- Try something different
- Gain enlightenment

I haven't finished it yet, and probably this isn't even the beggining, but by crossing everything off my list before I die, I think you then would believe and you would gain enlightenment. Just some things I have been thinking about recently.
I dont usually do posts like this but since I dont have my own computer I dont have any pictures to upload at the moment. There we go, I have tried something different already (:

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