Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Today's outfit

Today's outfit consists of Topshop denim shorts (never actually worn these before), brown knit cardi made by my Grandma, a velvet top from Primark & my Topshop cape to tackle those winds.Kind of feel a bit bleurgh in this today, but I think that is just because I nearly always wear dresses/skirts. Bit of a change for me, although I have found my style changing slightly recently.
P.s, the cape didn't actually protect me from the winds. It is more of a wind tunnel, but at least it looks good. I have to say though, I am getting relatively bored of my whole wardrobe, inc this cape. I spent nearly £100 on it and absolutely LOVED it, but now the phase has gone. It also didn't help that half the country had it so there was no escaping seeing it round when not even wearing it. Since the sun was shining I just wanted a change today. The sun seems to have strange effects on people. Probably because we never see it!
Ohh, excuse the dirty washing basket too

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