Monday, 4 April 2011

There has been a serious lack of blogging recently, I apologise. I have been non-stop busy moving back home (:. YESS it is now the Easter holidays, which means I am off to Prague and there is only 1 week left of Uni afterwards. The summer is drawing ever so close. Here's a week in photos. Not very exciting though I have to say. 1) My sweet & sour chicken. Cooked from scratch I would like to add. 2) Cheeky photoshoot. ThankssomuchGeorge&Danielle. LIFESAVERS! 3) Counting my penny jar to take to Prague. £20!!Bearing in mind I have been saving these since school. Sad times to get rid, but needs be. 4) Playsuit I bought. Primark. 5) Boarding passes & passports ready to go. EXCITEDMUCH. 6) My new shelves (: (Had NO room when I moved my stuff back from uni. 7) Just half of what I cleared out. (Trying to create some room.) 8) WHITE foundation. Good ol' Bazza.M. Yes I am fed up of having to wear 'orange' foundation, because with my lack of pennies, I cannot find a foundation to match my skin tone. Time for a bit of homemade blending. Plus; (which I didn't take a pic of.) Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful Mumma.

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