Sunday, 17 April 2011

Diana in Prague

As you know, I was very spoilt and was taken on a trip to Prague from the boyfriend for my birthday. It is absolutely beautiful, although we must have come across as quite rude! I didn't even manage to work out how to say as little as 'Hi' in Czech, let alone 'thank you'. The trick is, whatever you are asking for, (if it is something like a name, i.e. 'Red Bull.' You have to put on a slight accent to the 'Bull', and generally, they understand. Very rude of us I know, but there is no hope in trying to learn Czech. Possibly a bit of research might have been handy before flying though. The other awful thing about it was the prices. I was expecting shopping to be cheap as chips but NOPE. H&M (bearing in mind I seem to know the prices of everything I remotely like in that shop) was almost twice the price as over here. Rip.Off. Needless to say I did not buy anything. Rather upsetting. But no, on a serious note it is a beautiful city, and everyone seemed very well-spirited, with lots of music and theatrical characters roaming the streets. Plus the architecture is amazing. Nothing like the plain, grey stone buildings we seem to adore over here. So here are a few snaps from Diana. First shot. I thought they weren't too bad. I did take more but I don't want to bore you. Tbh I never like looking at pictures of buildings if I have no idea what they are. Unless the photography/ landscape is amazing, but sadly to say mine are not that impressive. Ohh and one last tip; If you go, be aware that there is not a ticket guard on the trams and the drivers do not sell tickets. So yes, as we shamefully learnt, you have to purchase your ticket, from somewhere of which I am not so sure of, BEFORE you board the tram. All I can say is the locals must be highly trustworthy.

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