Friday, 5 March 2010

"The Wizard of Oz meets Predator"

A new edge of glamour was brought to us from Gareth Pugh, but still with a hard, tough edge. This was a very new experiment for the house as we had not seen this kind of glamour within past collections. Some thought he was out to scare, now it is clear he is trying to seduce. He's done it, without a shadow of a doubt & I absolutely Love it! Feisty looking material was used throughout, with many chevron looking shapes appearing... Pugh said, "dangerous women, that's where the chevrons come from, you know, theres alot of warning signs involving chevrons."
Alex box was the make up artist collaborating with Gareth Pugh. Gareth wanted to create a shadow on the face without there actually one being there. "I wanted to create a canopy," said Box. I think this was definitely created.
The collection was described as 'the wizard of oz meets predator', and 'art deco mixed with glamour & a tough exterior.'
I love this collection and i think all the factors Gareth Pugh wanted to incorporate into this, including the make up, was undeniably achieved. A whole new glamorised way of seduction has formed...

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